Beyond the career you study, writing well is key in all professional fields. As much as it is not in your plans to dedicate yourself to something that has to do with writing, it is important for the development of any professional such basic issues as not having misspellings or knowing how to express yourself in writing, so just be sending an email to a customer. Write thinking about who will read it. The tone of your narration should be in accordance with who is directed. For example, writing an academic paper is not the same as an email, and writing thinking about who will read it is one of the keys to convey the message in the best way. Be clear about the topic you will discuss. The first thing you have to do before you start writing is to see here and get help with defining the topic. If you do not comply with this previous step you will not be able to focus on the idea you want to convey, you may end up wanting to cover too much and you will confuse yourself and the reader. You can previously write down the ideas that you will develop as a kind of guide. Although the „5 W“ does not serve to make any writing, they can be very functional in several genres. The text must respond to who, to whom, how, when, where and why and in the last time the “towards whom” has been added.